Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May is Morel Month

Someone told me once that May was morel month.  In Ohio, it seems to be the case.  We had been looking for a few weeks, and thought that we missed it, because of the strange warm weather this year.  Still, we hadn't quite given up.  So we went out again today after a rain.....and I stumbled upon one in a secret patch.  And then a few more.  We mostly found black morels.  I guess they come up first for a few weeks, followed by the yellows.  I hope this is true, as I'll be around for the next three weeks hunting...... bowl by Michael Simon.


Melissa Kojima said...

Wow! How yummy. What a wonderful treasure to find. What do you like to make with them?

Joiner of Fine Furniture said...
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Joiner of Fine Furniture said...