Tuesday, August 12, 2014

thoughts on the death of Robin Williams

It is incredibly sad to hear that anyone has taken their own life and to imagine the pain that brought them to that place.  I appreciated, and enjoyed Robin Williams as an artist and thought that I might have recognized a small piece of where the energy to be who he was came from.  I don't know all that much about him, and yet, to be that wild, and crazy, to give so incredibly much of himself as an artist, I often wondered if it came from a place of deep loss or pain that could only be dealt with through his artwork.  To witness a person depressed and suffering, and be at a loss to help them, is heartbreaking in every way. I'm thinking about his wife, his friends... his family....
How can I ever know the depth of another persons suffering even when I want to share in the burden? It is impossible.  But as a human, I can try to be kinder, and more understanding.  I can trust my intuition, which sees more than I have word to express.  And, I can do my best to be a loving and compassionate person, as much as possible.  His death reminds me of all this and so much more.
Dara Scully  Your branches/My bones

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