Friday, April 10, 2015

The Valentine's Day Poetry Bomb Everyone Needs to Hear

This is my mother's cousin's son's poem.  Guess that makes him my cousin too, a few
times removed or seconded... He's got a bunch of other videos on YouTube you can
find if you want hear more.  One day while I was working I listened to all that I could find,
and I was moved by his passion.    He goes by the name In-Q....,
but I always knew him as Adam....Now he is an artist and a poet.  I met him once when he was probably just 12 years old.  It made me smile to see and listen and find out who he has become
through the spoken performance of his poetry.... Maybe we'll get to meet again before its
all over :)


Linda Starr said...

amazingly beautiful, and a little sad that so many walked by and missed it

Valerie Massy said...

That was so poignant and beautiful. Thank you for posting it. What a gift.