Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life after death

Early June garden report.... Everything is a mess, and I am struggling to straighten it all out, but, a few old friends have been showing their faces here and there.  My wisteria nearly died in the cold last winter, but amid the ruined plant this little climatis was able to see the light and bloom.  Proof that new life often emerges, when an overbearing adversary fades away..... Or, as in the case of my fringe tree, known fondly By only me as the Jane Love tree because I got it years ago as a tiny seedling in Tennessee from Jane's father Hugh, almost everything that is meant to flower will, given time, and care, and love and patience.  And then other things bloom no matter what, at any given moment just because they can :). 


Linda Starr said...

Don't give up home on plants which appear dead I have had some come back at the end of summer from their roots or finally put out leaves, it took them that long to recover from a severe winter.

Jenny Mendes said...

Linda, I will heed your words!! Thank you!