Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hester Pilz

I was talking to my friend Hester yesterday who lives in Holland and she said, I'm on TV right now! She sent me a a link to a little movie about her work and it is just below.... Of course you'd need to speak Dutch to understand, and I had the benefit of her translation while I was watching but perhaps you just do!  We are hoping to work again together sometime very soon....
I'm excited to have a chance to work on one of her projects... The little movie below partially talks about how a tree was cut down outside a home for the elderly because they didn't like the leaves falling from it and making a mess, and Hester was commissioned to make it into a bench for all to enjoy, which is quite lovely.  Watch it and enjoy!  She has such a great workspace.  Can't wait to visit!

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Jenny Mendes said...

I just realized it was possible that you couldn't see the link, but that is fixed now! Hot Pink!! Enjoy!