JUNE 13 - JUNE 25

Kristen Kieffer, Pitchers, porcelain

Kristen Kieffer - Altered, Ornamented, & Electric

This workshop will focus on altering wheelthrown or handbuilt forms, embellishing them, and glaze-firing to cone 7. Demonstrations will include throwing, altering and building off the wheel, darting, slip-decorating, stamp-making, and stamping. We will discuss aesthetics, proportion, timing, idea generation, glazes, and electric firing. You will take home new skills, confidence, and a group of bisqued stamps and glaze-fired pieces. Mid-range porcelain or stoneware. Basic wheelthrowing and/or handbuilding skills required. Code 02ca

Studio artist and workshop instructor; collections: Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum (Taiwan), Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center (Denmark), Fort Wayne Museum of Art (IN).

Alice Ballard & Jenny Mendes - Cross Pollination

In this class we will establish a more intimate relationship with the natural environment and allow that relationship to affect our work. We will begin by collecting natural forms and making a series of small clay sketches. Hand-building exercises will follow as students increase the size and complexity of their discovered forms. Surface treatments will include terra sigillata; firings will be electric with the possibility of saggar or sawdust firings. Bring an open heart ready to experiment in an atmosphere of play and collaboration. All levels. Code 02cb

Alice: studio artist; Fulbright grant; collections: Renwick (DC), Mint Museums (NC).
Jenny: studio artist; teaching: Santa Fe Clay (NM), Baltimore Clayworks; Ohio artist fellowships; former Penland resident artist.

Alice Ballard, Long Wall Pod Trio,

white earthenware, terra sigillata,

copper oxide, 28 x 6 x 4 in.

Jenny Mendes, Small as He Was,

low-fire terra-cotta, underglazes, terra sigillata,

6 x 3 x 8 in.