Thursday, February 10, 2011

My lucky day!!

I am a huge fan of Cedrine Rovini.  Yesterday, we met, and walked and talked, and ate.  She is a remarkable artist.  See for yourself.


Cendrine Rovini said...

Ooh Jenny, you are a sweetheart, thankyou so much, for all, for this and all !
It is a privilege to know you.
I have photos to email you soon... :))

FetishGhost said...

WOW... Cendrine, your images are divine. The storytelling pulls me in.

Cendrine Rovini said...

Thank you Fetish Ghost... :)

claydancer said...

Delightful work! I especially like La poussée des fleurs de son ventre. I am guessing at translation, can you illuminate for me! Thanks

Jenny Mendes said...

Not really sure.... Cendrine can tell you.
The flowers pushed her belly???