Monday, March 28, 2011

Beatrice Wood

"Beatrice Wood passed away in 1998
at the age of 105 years of age, 
with the last 25 years of her life the most productive, 
creating work to satisfy a growing market for her ceramics,
writing books and visiting with 
the hundreds of people who showed up on her doorstep. 
When asked the secret of her longevity, 
she would simply offer “art books, chocolates and young men”   This is a wonderful video of Beatrice!


Linda Starr said...

what a woman

Jenny Mendes said...

She certainly was!!


My favorite favorite! Do you plan on following in her footsteps?

Jenny Mendes said...

Ha ha.....chocolate and young men, what could be better!!

Elegant Twist said...

Jenny - I love your blog and am now following! I and two friends were lucky enough to have visited Bea Wood at her home in Ojai back in 1993. It was an amazing day. I will never forget how she sat and talked to us for two hours - she was brilliant and hilarious. It is among my favorite memories.