Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Force of Nature

The reason we flood, is because the house is surrounded by water (two creeks that merge just a few feed behind the house), we have a large pond in front, and  we live at the bottom of a hill, so everything ends of on top of us.  Sort of a trifecta of water when it really comes down.  By the way, this has only happened twice in over 20 years.  

Normally the water is less than a foot deep in level areas, but in a massive or prolonged downpour, it will come up and sometimes over the bridge, which happened the other day, and the force of the water damaged the bridge.  This is about ten feet?

This time wasn't as bad as last year, bad, but not as bad.
Because we weren't home, lots of rugs (and this is only a few of the many) became submerged in mud.    But....

We were rescued by my awesome cousin Peggy who  has the energy of at least 3 people , maybe more.

The garden got submerged too, but we rescued a few things.

Not only did she clean the floor which had been thickly covered in a silty hard to remove horrible mud, but...
she made us an amazing dinner too.   The most awesome cousin  award goes to  Peggy,  and  thanks too, to honorary cousin Jo.  You are the best!!  Still a lot to go, but at least the mud inside is all gone.


Kékmadár said...

What would cause a horror to a ceramist if not mud? I'm glad you're over the worst of it. And otherwise it must be a wonderful place to live.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful site, and friends and family are even more so. If our lives include good people we are indeed fortunate, and obviously you are among those. Best to you - naomi

Paulina said...

Oh Jenny, a terrible flood!
I'm so glad to see that the situation is better now. Wishing you lots of strength!