Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On seeing

You know when you notice something for the first time, and then you realize it is everywhere all around you, but you just never noticed consciously?  Like a word, or a concept, or a native plant?  My neighbor has the most glorious red bushy thing.  I couldn't believe I didn't remember it in all its glory from years past.  Then I started looking around, and realized little self sown shaggier varieties are all over the place, some even on our property.  Actually quite a few small ones here and there.  When they are green they are not too exciting to look at, but apparently come October they lose their anonymity in an explosion of color.  In the spring, I am going to find some little shoots, and nurture them so that one day,  I too will have an incredible red burst come October.  Here is my little Claude, nearly one year old. He is so nice.  I feel really lucky to have found him.  

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Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Your lovely Claude reminds me of the dog in RCA's "His Master's Voice". It's funny how I just posted a similar observation to yours on my blog today. I get such a charge out of these awakenings. Good luck on propagating this amazing bush.
Love your daily postings Jenny!