Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pottery, how you delight and disappoint

Sometimes the challenge of filling a deeply curved space is tedious, and difficult,  yet something exciting emerges if you don't give up on it.

And then, there  is the thrill of an image that comes so easily, only to begin to peel off after the bisque.   I knew the yellow was problematic, but still I hoped I could make it work..... This was the one plate of 8 I was most excited about.  Now I get to keep it around for a while and learn it's story, before it all peels away.


Kékmadár said...

Oh, I'm absolutely in love with blue(black?)and white bowl. It's wonderful tale to me.

Jenny Mendes said...

Thank you! I was surprised and happy with it too!

claydancer said...

This blue and yellow one is lovely. Is the blue peeling too? It almost looks like the blue sig is repelling all the others on top of it.