Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last summer someone requested that I make an urn for her husband's ashes.  I am terrible at assignments, which is why I generally won't take one.  I brood,  resist and delay.  There were specific things she wanted to include : shape, certain content content, an apple.  I felt the weight of wanting to do it right.  In the end though, both she and I were really happy with the result.  How much ash is a human body reduced to?  Somehow, luck and a bit of reasoning was with me, and he fit perfectly.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Its so beautiful and has a sombre look but also a bit of light heartedness too. A true work of art.

Melissa Kojima said...

Wow. It's absolutely beautiful. Yes, be proud!

Vickie Hallmark said...

Totally stunning! Why resist when the outcome is this amazing?