Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aganetha Dyck

” I am a multi media Canadian artist who is interested in language and communication; how knowledge is transported and transcribed between humans and other species. I am interested in inter species communication. I have chosen to sculpt and draw collaboratively with the honeybees for the past 14 years. My research has included the bee’s use of sound, sight, scent, vibration, and dance. I am studying the bee’s use of the earth’s magnetic fields as well as their use of the pheromones (chemicals) they produce to communicate with one another, with other species and possibly with the foliage they pollinate.” – Aganetha Dyck

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Melissa Kojima said...

Wow. That's really incredible. My father was a beekeeper and once, I went on a trip with him to capture a wild hive---an amazing experience. This is amazing to use the honeycomb with/as art. Beautiful!

Jenny Mendes said...

Lucky you with a beekeeper father. I've always wanted to keep bees. Maybe some day! Right now I'm not cutting my grass as much so the honeybees have some nice clover, it's working! I've got lots when in past years there were so few around.