Friday, August 17, 2012

A fine philosophy

"My parents are Dutch, and they used their china, their silver, every day. I think it's a largely American mentality to save the 'best' things for later, to protect them so much that you don't enjoy them. They didn't do that in Holland. If something happened to an old platter, that simply added to its story because it happened in your life. It became a memory instead of a scar. Authenticity rules!" ~Annie Brahler

I read the quote above on Kristen Kieffer's page yesterday, and it hit home.  My mother was always saving everything nice, to protect it when I was growing up.  On the other hand my pickle making cousin uses everything she owns.  And true, things do get a little banged up, but everyone is able to derive so much pleasure from the experience. 

I probably fall somewhere in between with a tendency towards "saving".  Here's to honoring our battle wounds and being a little less protective.  Cheers!

Daniela Tieni



be*mused jan said...

A lovely philosophy...'It became a memory instead of a scar'.
I needed this reminder today. Thanks.

Melissa Kojima said...

Ah, I like that quote of Annie's. Yeah, I think I tend towards saving too. But why save it for tomorrow when all you really have is today!