Friday, November 30, 2012

I thought I lost my brushes

There was a moment the other day after I had unpacked everything, and cleaned up everything, and I couldn't find my brushes.   Eventually, I found them wrapped up and stuck into a random box that had been left in the garage with test tiles in it.  I'm so attached to specific brushes, that it would have taken me a long time to replace and remember just what all of them are.  Thank goodness, a flashing premonition had me think to look in that last sealed box!!!  

I'm sending some of these to you Michael Kline, as soon as I test them all out, and see who won't work for me any more. I think this should keep you going for a while!!


Linda Starr said...

One of these days I'll invest in some better brushes, I can't imagine loosing even my cheapo ones since I am familiar with how they work, thank goodness you found yours.

Melissa Kojima said...

Oh. I'm so glad you found them. I would have been in a panic.

bptakoma said...

Perhaps you should photograph each to document them and their use. Hiding in the box in the garage was a warning!