Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ira Glass on the Creative Process

A quick listen, some great words.  I've probably put this here before, but every now and again, remembering these words is a good thing.  Give it a listen, it will take less than 2 minutes...


Melissa Kojima said...

I've seen this one before and it's always so great to hear it and remember it's a journey.

Élise Somers said...

Hi Jenny,
Love this video! am very inspired by your creative work, a true inspiration! Have been following your pins. Started doing ceramics in November, cannot take my hands out of the clay; eery and wonderfull.
Wish I would grow now into the coloring stage - real greatfull I learned I like to: sculpt! Ha!
Hope to see you at the Coconut art grove show
Elise Somers
( recently blondie - updated my blogspot ( to be able to send this message to you)
Have a super day!

Jenny Mendes said...

Hi Elise,
Your sculpture looks great! Keep it up. It looks like you already have something exciting happening. I'll definitely be at Coconut Grove, please come by and say hello!

Jenny Mendes said...

Hey Melissa, I've heard this many times, and always, a good reminder!