Monday, February 18, 2013

Surface Navigation

I'm teaching a workshop in Ceramics surface decoration at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts this summer July 21-27

2 comments: said...

Hi Jenny,
Hope your foot is happy again :) What freakish weather you had in the Grove Art Fair. Thank you so much for the surface safari link :) I am taking the leap into the vast world of : yikes recipes! Really in your terra sig you add a few drops of Muriatic acid? Scarrrrrrrry? Luv your work, creativity, generous and whimsical spirit

All the Best to you this morning
Elise ( from Quebec, new ceramic afficcionado that asked to be your mentoree at the Coconut Art Fair)

Jenny Mendes said...

Hi Elise,
My foot is still bad thanks for asking. I will find out what the problem is tomorrow.
You can also use Epsom salts dissolved in water, a few drops to help float the stains in your sig. Good luck!