Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I had to get an electric fence for Claude.  Someone found him in the street a ways away, recently that was the final straw.  I knew he would run off for an hour every day, but I thought he was safe, hunting in the acres of open land behind my house.  We enclosed large area for him, a few acres at a minimum, but still I feel a little bit sad for him since he loves to run far and wide and fast with those long legs of his.  ...... but better alive than dead.  I know that.

I'm wondering if it's normal for a dog in training to seem a little depressed?  Today after 2 weeks of it, he seemed a little bit happier, the day was full of light, and bloom, but still not his entirely exuberant self.   I'm hoping in time, he will be ok with it, or if the lust to roam always remains.


Lori Buff said...

It was a wise thing to do for him. He'll adapt to the space. Many dogs don't have even 1 acre to run in, have you told him that? Hehe.

Elise somers said...

Hey Jenny,
Do you have a space to paint / do ceramics outside with Claude? Spring is gorgeous at your place.
I am slowly packing my things from my Florida diggs to head up north- hope the tiny grass will be out sunbathing!

Claude seems real smart and curious- how can he not be with all those perfect spots on him!


Melissa Kojima said...

Poor Claude. But better safe than sorry. Hope he gets used to it too.

Jenny Mendes said...

He's doing a bit better, but still wary. Maybe in a month? Back to snow today!!!!

Spirited Earth said...

you are wise to rein Claude in..dogs shouldn't be permitted to run loose, ever..not just for them or you, but the impact they might have on others..I'm sure your dog is feeling a little reprimanded and annoyed spending a bit more time with him could help he social? perhaps a trip to the dog park, or have friends bring their dogs over to visit..he may need more stimulus to get him out of the blues.