Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Morning Larkspur!

I sprinkled seeds last fall that I had saved, in the hopes that I'd begin to start a larkspur patch in my garden. I love the delicate leaves, and especially the blues of the flower.  One of my favorite garden passtimes is learning to identify the tiny sprouted leaves of a seedling, knowing what it will become.  I found a few larkspurs in a horrible weed patch, and I've been protecting them, and watching them since early spring.  First day of summer and they bloomed.  Flowers = happiness for me!


smartcat said...

That's a beauty for sure!

Melissa Kojima said...

That's wonderful that you looked out for them and that they are growing. The are so pretty.

Jenny Mendes said...

It's a lesson. Give things space, and care, and they just might thrive.... :)