Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This book took a long time for me to get through. Non fiction, takes place in Berlin, 1933. It is a stunning eyewitness perspective on events as they unfold, as witnessed through America's first ambassador to Hitler's Germany, William Dodd & the people around him.  It was both horrifying and illuminating.  But I was glad for the experience.

Then I tried to listen to Walden.  The classic.  I guess I wasn't in the mood, or maybe I didn't like the sound of reader's voice, but I bailed after the first CD.  Will have to try again maybe in the winter?

I had read this once, but it was delightful to listen to again.   Clearly I am a fan of Muriel Barbery.  I think I enjoyed it even more the second time.  And I think my dear Claude might also smell like brioche.

and now...

Just started this today.   The author was recommended by a reader of this blog!!! Thank you so much! I can say, I am loving it, and just one disc in.   It is perfect for me to work to, I'm hungry for the words.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
Glad to hear your enjoying Ondaatje. His writing is wondeful. Here is one of my favorite poems of his "The Cinnamon Peeler"

I just finished "And the Mountains Echoed" loved it!! Now I'm listening to "The Kite Runner", also very good.

Jenny Mendes said...

Hi Kevin,
I'm glad you liked that.
I just finished Divisidero, I would have been happy to stay there much longer. Thank you so much for that!