Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blueberry Blossoms & Claude


smartcat said...

What a magical picture. You must feel fortunate to live in such a pretty place.
Our blueberries are blooming like mad. It's late but at least we didn't have a freakish way to early warm spell and loose all the buds when the temps dropped as has happened in years past. Do you do anything to keep the birds away?

Jenny Mendes said...

I planted three bushes that are nearly 20 years old, maybe older. This year even with all of the cold, they seem better than ever full of buds, each a different variety that fruit up a different times. We put netting around them to keep away the birds, it's the only way to have anything left for ourselves, so many birds here. One time, we were away and came back to find a crow stuck in the netting which was horrifying, but somehow she knew we wanted to help and release her and she stayed very quiet until she was freed..... so the net can have a downside, but mostly it's been a good thing.