Saturday, May 24, 2014

Michael Simon on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

I just listened to this podcast and I highly recommend it.  You can find the link here or here:  episode 64
Michael is my favorite potter of all time.  I have quite a few of his pots, most of which I got in the 80's and I use them daily.  I knew they were great, before I had a sense of what I even liked.  He seemed like a legend before I met him, and really in my 20's I knew nothing about anything but still I knew he was a special person and how lucky I was to have crossed paths, as new as I was to the world of ceramics.  I had the good fortune to be working at Penland school then on scholarship, and I got to take a two month class with him.  Though I wasn't particularly a student of pottery, it didn't really matter.  His earnest way of looking, and talking about pottery had long lasting influence.  The seriousness of his approach spoke to me, and of course there was the pottery.  Something ancient and something new and beautiful all at once.  I'm not really much of a collector, but I wanted his pots, because they taught me something every time I used or touched them, something I needed to know, pots to live with for a lifetime.  Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this interview, and in fact I'm going to go through it a second time now.  I can remember with such fondness the familiarity of his voice, the way he talked about things..... the way he'd pause to think about his answer, and how, he really looked at things from such an honest and personal point of view.  I hope you can take the time to listen.  I know, I learned a lot, and remembered so much that was just outside of the boundary of my memory, but now once again firmly replanted. Thank you Ben for making this possible.

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