Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Deep by PES

My nephew is interested in animation.  So I have become more interested in
what people are doing with it as well.  The thing I loved about this little film is
how the maker could see the other in the ordinary and completely transform it.  I like to get
into this state of mind when I am creating images too.  I hope you enjoy it!
Have a nice Sunday :)


Anonymous said...

Great animation! It reminds me of the Czech animator Jan Švankmajer. I'm looking forward to some book club updates, I've got some good titles to share. Have a wonderful day!

smartcat said...

This is delightful! We are big fans of all sorts of animation. Thanks.

Jenny Mendes said...

Glad you liked it! Kevin, I'm working on it.... I've been traveling so much, I mostly only listened to trashy things..... but it's time for something juicy!! Thank you for the push!