Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beets, Burrata & Borscht

I grew some beautiful beets this summer.  But what to do with all of them...????? A friend gave me the recipe below which I'm going to try very soon, and he said it was delicious... & of course a good bowl of borsch sounded good to me as well.  My mother's father was born in Russia or Poland, or an ambiguous border area.  He died when I was two, but in his honor my mother was always buying sour cream & borscht, but the kind that came in a jar...  This recipe looks a lot better than that...  after all, it comes from Natasha's Kitchen!  Would love to hear of your favorite beet recipe!!


Linda Starr said...

yummy, looks delicious, I love beets but have never had burrata, must try both of these as my farmer's market is full of fresh beets.

June Perry said...

Unfortunately, I was always the only one in the family who like beets, so I just boiled them as well as the greens and enjoyed them alone. I also like pickled beets. My mom used to make pickled eggs with beets juice. I never made my own borscht, but like your mom, bought the jar variety and ate it cold with a hot boiled potato and some sour cream mixed in. It's still one of my go to, comfort lunches.
My dad used to rave about the hearty borscht his mother made which had chunks of beef and other goodies, like potatoes, in it; but I've never had it. After he died I found a recipe but never made it since Jim won't eat a beet no matter how it's cooked! I can grow most veggies very well but never have luck with beets. They grown but the bulbs are always so small and I've never been able to solve that problem.

Jenny Mendes said...

A beet freshyly pulled from the garden is incredibly delicious. Don't over cook them, better that way. And, this was the first time that I've grown them sucessfully. What I learned is to start them early, then transplant, and give each one lots of space and lovely rich loose soil. At least this worked for me - and all organic!!