Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CIA woodfiring tomorrow!

So, ironically I found out last spring that The Cleveland Institute of Art has a woodkiln practically on my street! It might well be my street, just down a few miles with a different name.  I can get there in 5 minutes.  I was invited to put a few pieces in the kiln, and just found out that they would be firing tomorrow...so at the last minute I made a few tests... I basically had to make them, and bisque them the next day to be able to make it into the kiln.  No problem!  I didn't have the right slips, so I used my terrasigs and underglazes.... Here is a before shot after they were bisqued... so curious to see how they turn out.  I tried to keep it simple, since all of my slip work may well be lost, but I had to start somewhere.. Hopefully, I'll get to put things in more firings in the future... So exciting!  I can't believe its so close to my house... I'll be reporting back with more photos soon.  

Judith & Claude

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