Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jana Brike

Deeply touched by a painting, and then words, and then again the painting.  Sharing this: her story and painting.  
"Here is the story.
I have always been a lone path walker, inside relationships or out. Lone searching for meanings, lone processing them through me, lone discovering the self, even lone loving. But now I am just starting to realize what a true touch really means. When you really SEE another, when you see their wholeness when they feel at breakdown, and see their innocence when they crush under shame and guilt, and see their softness when they harden themselves, and see their beauty when they’re ugly, and their sacred purpose when they are lost.. And through that, you SEE all that in yourself, too. And you celebrate it. And you giggle and dance in a deeply present way, and even when the rest of the world looks like f***ing devastation and chaos, you SEE all that in the rest of the world, too. You have your eyes open to see the reality and stay put in it, but you open your heart, and SEE right through it.
And even when they turn their back on you, absorbed in their own sadness, depreciating your touch, you let them, even if feeling aghast, you never turn your heart away. Because when they walk away, you SEE they are always right here, always soul-mingling with you.
And you know there are no words in any written language to explain what that connection really is about.
But you know you have just feasted with god through your shared short touch.
So, that."