Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Michael Kline & Nick Joerling - Sawdust & Dirt Podcast!!

This is part one.. I thought it was really great, and I highly recommend  listing to this interesting conversation between two potters and friends that I admire.  The conversation flowed into all kinds of different topics, always circling back to clay... I even took a few notes on things I wanted to remember...  Maybe I especially enjoyed listening because I know both people, so the conversation was full of personal nuance that I then witnessed on a new stage.... Or maybe you don't need to know either of them to be eagerly awaiting part 2.  I'm going to listen to that now, but you can start here and I hope you will enjoy it:  

I know I will be listening to more of Michael's podcasts in the future after having my first taste

.. it was the perfect thing to listen to while I was working today.

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