Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Joni Mitchell Interview

Working with my hands gives me the opportunity to do something else with my mind while I'm working and while often I like silence, a good audio book, or long delicious conversation, this week I was also listening to music.  Predominently Joni Mitchell who I was introduced to in college by my roommate who played her albums and sang with them.  My way of experiencing music at that time was primitive. I would listen over and over again to an album taking it in like breath through the sounds of the music rather than the content of the lyrics.  I have strong auditory memories of her music, but not really what she was talking about.  I've been revisiting her melodies and lyrics lately, and experiencing them much more deeply and differently than I would have back then, because of time and life experience.  Some are incredibly sad, she seems so very exposed, poetic, and articulate in her sadness.  I found an interesting CBC interview of her that is quite long, but great.   Give it a listen when you have the time. I was so happy to have found it and had the intimate experience of knowing something real about her as a person and artist for the first time.

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