Friday, December 5, 2014

Super Soul Sunday with Pema Chodron

Maybe if I had listened to this before today so many things might have gone differently.  But of course it's always that way.  You know what you know when you are able to know it.  I should be more patient with myself, but I don't want to be.  I can feel time moving more quickly, every day. And I don't want to waste it.  At any rate, I made my way to this interview today, and honestly, it spoke to me and I was thankful to hear it.....and to begin a new journey.  The last several weeks were strange, difficult...a conflict, and then reconciliation.  I too know, that I have to struggle, and experience failures both in my artwork and life to make progress.  Sometimes for me, it's like I am at the end of a diving board up high, afraid to jump, fall, but then in the midst of falling I realize the beauty in my fear, and it all good.

 So many jewels.  Please, when you have time, you may find something that will speak to you here......  No more to say, just listen!

I am flying to Boulder today to teach a little workshop..... I will be back early next week with stories and adventures to tell of.  I'm am staying with a college roommate who teaches at the University there.  So excited to reconnect and to see her girls!  Life in the future is impossible to imagine, and I am grateful to be here.  xoxoxoxoxoxo until I post again, a short break.  

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