Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello Charlotte

I have planted hundreds of bulbs at my house, but most of them have disappeared, probably eaten by hungry animals.  And so many daffodils nearly all of them gone.  I had a dream about fields of springtime yellow daffys when I first moved to this house... But there are a few still, mostly ones I transplanted from my friend Charlotte's house, and now that she is gone
(Though she made it to about 97), I am happy that these are the little faces thAt greet me in the spring, reminding me of her unique personality and earthly presence.  She told me once that she had bought them from a catalogue, in the 40s probably, and had planted them in a row, that grew so full of flowers you could have picked buckets of them and not made a dent in the field of color.  I miss not being able to visit her anymore, but am so happy to be reminded now, every spring when I am visited by her spirit in these  flowers....

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