Friday, April 24, 2015

Sometimes timing is everything

Usually I don't think about it, and then something happens and I wonder, why, just now... This.
You meet someone And connect in a way you would have never expected.... Or for the first time you see where before you were blind, or unknowing. Awareness triggers a sensitivity to environment, and just like that the world opens up.  Or it's just timing, and going for it in the someone contacted me about my birds, and I had just emptied my kiln with a dozen or so of them finished.  When I wrote back to her I told her that she had contacted me at just the right moment, and she said something like yes, more and more when I feel it, I am acting on it, I'm not waiting anymore. 
I've been thinking that  I feel that way too.  Life might be so much shorter than I was expecting.  

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