Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mohammed Fairouz


A few things I'm excited about as I write this.  First of all, my fundraiser is going really well and we have almost met our initial benchmark.  I started with a fairly modest goal, but I hope to raise much more..... The response has been amazing in the first three days.  I feel so much gratitude towards the generosity of friends, and family and people I have never met.  Thank you.  Thank you.....  :)  Thank you for opening your heart.  Here is the link if you would like to donate or look at our progress:


Secondly, I listened several times to the most interesting interview today on what is becoming one of my favorite radio shows.  Here is the link.  Why do I listen over and over?  Partly it is the way I like to experience words and new ideas.  Slowly, like breathing.  Like the way I used to learn the lyrics of a song...without realizing that it was happening.  The interviewee seemed entirely wise beyond his years, sensative, and very special......I loved the way he talked about ideas and the sound of his voice. But best of all, he had such good things to say.... that spoke to me.
Listen to it here:  I liked the uncut version even better than the edited one.

from the Onbeing Website:

The World in Counterpoint
He’s been called a post-millennial Schubert. Mohammed Fairouz has composed four symphonies and an opera while still in his 20s. He invokes John F. Kennedy and Anwar Sadat, Seamus Heaney and Yehuda Amichai in his compositions. He sees "illustrious language" as a form of music — and as a way, just maybe, to shift the world on its axis.

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