Saturday, March 5, 2016

Elena Ferrante

I hadn't really been listening to books for a while.  I got lazy, just listening to podcasts, but wanting something, just unmotivated to get to it.  Then, I started using this app HOOPLA
If you have a library card you might be able to connect to it and get all kinds of books, ebooks, movies, audible. FREE.   Of course the audible books were what I was immediately excited about....  My friend turned me onto it, and I started off with
Elena Ferrante a book my friend was listening to.... and now have listened to 3 of the 4 novels she wrote in the Neopolitan series.  Really Rich, interesting.  Disturbing.  Both.  It's got me thinking a lot. They are taking hold of me and taking me somewhere I didn't expect to go.  I started with this book:
Try it.... it took a minute to download,..

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