Thursday, March 17, 2016

@hidenseekah NCECA 2016

NCECA fun!!  See the details below and go to: you are in Kansas City this week and want to play.  I will be there in spirit!  Such a great host city for the conference.

and if you would like to follow me on Instagram where I share daily (usually) photos of current work in progress, go to:

I also have four small cups at the La Mesa show by Santa Fe Clay.....

It's happening again this year at NCECA! @hidenseekah will be hiding 12 pieces around Kansas City for you to find and keep - want to play? Head on over to the @hidenseekahprofile, follow all 110 artists listed (under the “following” category in the top right corner of the @hidenseekah Instagram page), including yours truly, and then watch for the clues that will be posted during the conference - it's that simple - find a piece and it's yours!

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