Friday, June 16, 2017

Paulus Berensohn

My beloved friend, teacher, encourager and so much more to so many people has passed.  He was loved by many people, and in body will be missed, though his presence will always be with me.  I met him when I was 23.....and I would say he was the first person who ever told me that what I was doing was ok, and to continue on the path I was going.  I didn't really need to hear that, but it felt so good to be seen by a stranger, acknowledged, encouraged.  He was a special poetic spirit who always welcomed me with love and I will really miss him.  I was lucky to be at Penland as a resident artist for three years and have a chance to spend hours working together .....meeting him at different points in my life was a great gift.  Last night I was awake in the middle of the night and I heard an owl calling, which was nearly unusual.... and I thought it's Paulus..... as alive in the spirit world as he was in life.
From Debra Frasiers Facebook page....
Paulus Berensohn has "changed his address", as he was fond of saying, beginning his next journey just before midnight on Thursday, June 15, at Solace Center, in Asheville, NC. His body returned to Penland this morning. The community is invited to help with his transition by quietly accompanying him in the Buddhist tradition.
"Often the body requires some time to accomplish this passage in peace and the transition can be greatly aided by the attention of those who love him, "writes Caverly Morgan, who, along with Joy Seidler, will be facilitating this process. We invite you to attend. Please come by Paulus' house today, Friday, June 16, 2017, from 4-7pm, or tomorrow, Saturday, June 17, from 4-7pm, for a moment of quiet sitting. (Address: 1968 Penland Road, just south of the Toe River bridge.)
Per Paulus' wishes, he will be buried at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, a green burial sanctuary in Mills Rivers, just south of Asheville, in a casket of cardboard collaged with paste papers and his own paper stitching, and lowered into a grave dug into Carolina clay by Jonah Stanford. Burial will be Sunday, at 2 pm. (Address below.) All are invited to attend the quiet sitting and/or the short burial service. If you have any further questions call Debra at 612-414-0936.
Burial Sanctuary address:
Carolina Memorial Sanctuary
195 Blessed Way
Mills River NC
(just west of the Sierra Nevada site)
Photo by Marthanna Yater

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