Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flower City Pottery Invitational this weekend


A few of the tiny wood fired bowls I've been playing around with.... I'll have some of these as well as others I've yet to see
at the show this weekend, along with the rest of my work.  These were fired in Brinsley Tyrells kiln (I may have spelled his name wrong)  in Ravenna Ohio, and I also had a few in the CIA kiln that I will see tomorrow and Dan Finnegan, another potter who will be at Flower City graciously offered the opportunity to put a few pieces in his wood and salt kiln that he will bring to the show.  I am especially excited to see those, as this is all new to me, and I'm searching for the perfect surface to pursue.  CIA put a few pounds of salt in their kiln this time, so we'll see if the salt made it up to the front of the kiln where my work was hiding.  All in all I'm enjoying the combination of high fire and my drawings when they don't get too obliterated by the fire.... more images soon!


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