To hold as sacred now each element of life....

The heaven of Tusita (Sanskrit Pali: Tusita - “joyful”, “comforted”; connected) In Buddhist cosmology this is the fourth of six places. In the Hebrew tradition, this is Menuha or Adama- A place of rest, the promised land

You ask - I wonder how you do 
it? connect with those energies... I wrote «I realized these images come from tending the garden inside myself. Where we live together.

Pomegranate flowers in the bird's beak. You see the bulb and root of spiritual circulation, the soft green color of early spring. Like a plantain leaf that heals, like being surrounded by gentle warm green rain.

Red is the color of the heart - a newborn. Deer rests on chest; bulbs and roots emerge as a spiritual circulation around the golden well. Adama represent the color of wholeness

He is Bodhisattva Maitreya, Adam, Noah. She is Eve, Adama, Surya