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To hold as sacred now each element of life.... The heaven of Tusita (Sanskrit Pali: Tusita - “joyful”, “comforted”; connected) In Buddhist cosmology this is the fourth of six places. In the Hebrew tradition, this is Menuha or Adama- A place of rest, the promised land You ask - I wonder how you do  it? connect with those energies... I wrote «I realized these images come from tending the garden inside myself. Where we live together. Pomegranate flowers in the bird's beak. You see the bulb and root of spiritual circulation, the soft green color of early spring. Like a plantain leaf that heals, like being surrounded by gentle warm green rain. Red is the color of the heart - a newborn. Deer rests on chest; bulbs and roots emerge as a spiritual circulation around the golden well. Adama represent the color of wholeness He is Bodhisattva Maitreya, Adam, Noah. She is Eve, Adama, Surya
“Intimacy in the Time of a Pandemic. A Poem." -By  Addie Kogan I had yet to contemplate the intimacy of a bus ride with 50 strangers, until now the intimacy of sharing door knobs and restaurant tables and gas pumps and park benches with millions of people I will never meet face to face. Everyday, I take a part of them with me No, let me be more direct- Let me be more… Intimate Every day, I take a part of you with me I breath you deep into my lungs and then I breath you out and someone else breaths you in This is an intimacy, that most of the time, goes unnoticed, until now What a wild ride to be spinning around space with you all! All 7 billion of you, on a planet held in perfect tension between the moon and the sun Gravity! but not too much and not too little Temperature! but not too hot and not too cold (for now) It is this perfect placement, after all, that allows hydrogen and oxygen, which allows water, which allows organisms, whi

Quarantine Day Day 6

“When the earth gave birth to this tree, There came no sound: A green shoot thrust In silence from the ground. Our births don’t come so quiet— Most lives run riot— But the bud opens silently, And flower gives way to fruit. So must we search For the stillness within the tree, The silence within the root.” ― Ruskin Bond, Rain In The Mountains There has been no storm, no thunder just the steady swish of tropical downpour. It helps one to lie awake; at the same time; it doesn't keep one from sleeping. It Is a good sound to read by - the rain outside, the quiet within - and there is a general feeling of being untouched by, and yet in touch with, the rain.” ― Ruskin Bond, Rain in the Mountains: Notes from the Himalayas