post serbia

Some of my finished work from Serbia.  Last night my friend  read my palm.  Each finger and the lines in both left and right hands.  It was deep, and dark, and confirmed things I mostly already knew.  And maybe some I needed to trust a little more.  One of the things she brought up  was the Lotus Flower as life lesson/metaphor as seen in my palm.  Lotus flower roots go deep down into the dark muck to get their nourishment.... the more one embraces the lesson, the better the blossom up above.....  This delicate piece survived the fire with a story to tell from my time there,  and there were many.  i've been really busy, but soon I will share more photos from my journey last summer.


Linda Starr said…
amazing that all of those survived; been years since I did a barrel firing, inspired by your photos, looking forward to more about your trip